Nano-Oil Anti Friction Concentrate 10w 8cc


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Nano-Oil Anti Friction Concentrate 10w 8cc

Item Number………………. NanoOil-10w8cc
Details……………………… Nano-Oil Anti Friction Concentrate – 10 weight 8cc in a Pocket Oiler with Stainless Needle Product as Featured in Magazines, used by Sheriff’s departments. Swat Team Members, Police, US Armed Forces

Contains none of the following:
Silicone, PTFE resins, Graphite, Molybdenum disulfide, Teflon, Copper, Lead, Silver, absolutely no metals or harmful solvents

At under 0.090 micron in size, the active molecules in Nano-Oil by StClaire are called Nano-Bearings they truly are within the nano scale technology (the width of human hair is between 50 to 100 microns) (1 micron = 1000 nanometers)

Imagine 50 million Nano-Bearings per square millimeters of contact surface on metal to metal all doing their job of substantially reducing friction while keeping equipment cooler. The Nano-Bearing molecules are magnetically induced (really negatively charged) to adhere to microscopic crevices and actually penetrate metals, providing a very – low friction – dynamic contact.

Manufactured goods, Nano-Oil by StClaire can be incorporated as part of a finished product, specially valuable to items with life time warranties such as multi tools & folding knives.

10 Weight Armament & Industrial NanoLube

Suitable for all guns, rifles, flashlight threads (anti galling), Knives, fishing reels, locks, hinges, Bicycles: bearings, cables, chains, sprockets & derailleur, motorcycle forks (will also reduce pitting of chromes), electric motors bushings, commutator/brushes assemblies, cam driven equipments, model railroads

All metal to metal dynamic contacts will benefit from Nano-Oil’s usage

The NanoLube formulations are compatible with most existing lubricants on the market today both synthetic and mineral. The Nano-Bearings concentration level is such that adding a few drops to a common lubricant will improve dramatically its anti friction qualities.

Nano-Oil by StClaire is used by Swat Team Members, Sheriff’s Departments & Military Personnel in Iraq where micro sand also known as moon dust is creating enormous problems.

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